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OL spilles ikke i Rusland

Verdensskakforbundet FIDE skriver på deres hjemmeside, at den 44. Skakolympiade og FIDEs kongres ikke vil finde sted i Rusland. FIDE vil nu søge at finde en anden arrangør til begivenhederne.

Baggrunden er selvfølgelig Ruslands invasion af nabolandet Ukraine.

Beslutningen ligger helt i tråd med det nordiske Skakforbunds anbefaling, der ser således ud:

Dear chess friends,

In light of the recent actions happening in Ukraine. The Nordic Chess Federation and with the full support of its members; Denmark, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, took the decision of not taking part in the upcoming chess Olympiad in Moscow from the 26th of July to the 8th of August. We also recommend our players not to take part in any tournaments within the Russian Federation.

We encourage other federations worldwide to follow our path. FIDE should stand up to their responsibilities and we urge them to find other possible organizers for the coming Chess Olympiad.

Reykjavik February 25, 2022

The Nordic Chess Federation

Link til FIDEs meddelelse: