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Åbent brev fra Nordisk Skakforbund

Statement from the Nordic Chess Federation

In the Nordic countries a persons legal gender is decided according to each country’s national law. In chess tournaments, which groups one is allowed to participate in, should be decided by a persons legal gender.   Accordingly any woman is, of course, welcome to play in all tournaments and competitions open for girls and women, in the Nordic countries.  The same shal apply for all international competitions.

Paragraph 3, in FIDE’s  Transgender Registration Regulations, states that if you change you gender from male to female, you may not participate in any tournament or competiton for girls/women. We strongly oppose this and find it to be an infringement on personal freedom. It is also in violation of IOC’s stand on the matter. This Paragraph is contributing to maintaining prejudice, counteracting any effort towards making Chess open and inclusive.

We strongly recommend that Paragraph 3 of FIDE’s Transgender Registration Regulations be removed.

Oslo December 11, 2023

Nordic Chess Federation

Denmark – The Danish Chess Federation
Faroe Islands – The Faroese Island Chess Federation
Finland – The Finnish Chess Federation
Iceland – The Icelandic Chess Federation
Norway – The Norwegian Chess Federation
Sweden – The Swedish Chess Federation