Flere kondolencer

Dansk Skak Union har fået yderligere kondolencer i forbindelse med Bent Larsens død.

Dear Mr. Vestergaard,
It is with great sadness we received this news.
Indeed, Grandmaster Bent Larsen has been an outstanding personality and a chess player, and he will be remembered by all the chess community in the entire world in many many generations to come.

Let his soul rest in peace.

Polina Tsedenova
FIDE Secretariat

P.S. The name of Mr. Larsen shall be added to a list of the obituaries for the minute of silence at the FIDE General Assembly this September.

Fra det tyrkiske forbund:
Dear Lars,
Today I have just learnt that a big legend, a historical chess man, a hero of our eminent sport GM Bent Larsen passed away. On behalf of Turkish Chess Family I send you my deepest condolences and regards. I wish to Danish Chess Family patient and condolences.

Best regards,

Ali Nihat YAZICI
President of Turkish Chess Federation
Vice President of FIDE

Fra det islandske forbund:
Hi Lars-Henrik
On behalf of the ICF I like to send you, the Danish federation, all Danish
players deepest condolence.  Icelandic chess live and chess players liked
Bent extremely well and especially his games vs. Fridriks Olafsson. 

Best regards,
Gunnar Bjornsson

Fra GM Mikhail Ivanov: