Turneringer i udlandet

Vi er blevet bedt om at gøre opmærksom på følgende turneringer:

Dear Chessfriends,

The Swedish Championship is played in Lund in the south of Sweden between July 3rd and July 11th this year. For the first time we invite non-Swedish players to participate in some of the sections. If it is possible for you to announce this on your website and/or publish a link to the website of the organizers, it would be much appreciated.

Information in English can be found on: www.lask.se/sm2010

Best regards,

Axel Smith
Swedish Championship 2010


CCF Easter Round Robin International (5-9 April)

Dear Sir/Madam

We have a couple of spaces in the CCF Easter International Round Robin IM Norm tournament to be held in Coulsdon (London), England from Monday 5 to Friday 9 April.  I would be grateful if you would advertise this to your members should any of them be interested.  If they are, please ask them to contact me on this email address: 

Kind regards

Scott Freeman
FIDE International Organiser